Sermons & Other Writings
Related to Polyamory


Polyamory: What It Is and What It Ain't
1994 Sermon to a Hawaii congregation, delivered by one of UUPA's trustees
This is the first polyamory sermon that is known to UUPA.

Sexuality as Spiritual Practice
2013 Sermon to an Arizona congregation

It Is Hard Being A Heretic
2007 Sermon to a Maryland congregation, delivered by one of UUPA's former trustees

Spring Equinox: Equal Days, Equal Nights, Equal Rights
2004 Sermon to a California congregation, delivered by one of UUPA's trustees

Polyamory: The End of the World?
2004 Sermon to an Ohio congregation

Faithful Polyamory
2000 Sermon to a Minnesota congregation

Polyamory Another Form of Family
2002 Sermon to an Alaskan fellowship, delivered by one of UUPA's trustees

Polyamory and the Prairie Vole
2005 Sermon to a Maryland congregation

Loving More and More Loving A Sermon to an Oregon congregation.

Are there limits to Love? A Sermon to a California congregation in 2008.

Polyamory: What It Is and What It Isn't A Sermon published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality,Volume 6, Feb. 27, 2003.

From Abstinence to Polyamory
2005 Sermon to an Oregon congregation

Polyamory A Sermon to a Massachusetts congregation in 2017.

Professional Resources

What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory
This professional guide has been prepared for counselors and therapists and is distributed by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. UUPA is interested in hearing from ministers as to the suitability of this resource for clergy.

Unmasking the Green-Eyed Monster: Managing Jealousy in Open Relationships
Article by Kathy Labriola, Counselor/Nurse, published in Loving More Magazine.

Monogamy's Law: Compulsory Monogamy and Polyamorous Existence
Elizabeth F. Emens, Columbia Law School, February 2004
U of Chicago, Public Law Working Paper No. 58
New York University Review of Law & Social Change, Vol. 29, p. 277, 2004.

A Therapist's Guide to Consensual Nonmonogamy, Polyamory, Swinging and Open Marriage by Rhea Orion (a UU Therapist)

Blogs and Newsletters

Poly and the Unitarian Universalist Church
Posted in the "Polyamory in the News!" blog.

Monogamous Privilege
A discussion of ways in which the assumption of monogamy can impact polyamorists.

From the Minister
Minister's column from a Minnesota congregation's newsletter

Additional Resources
A variety of polyamory resources

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