UUPA's Beginnings



In the Summer of 1999, several UUs became increasingly aware that many people who think of themselves as polyamorous also identify religiously as Unitarian Universalists. Some of these UUs then created an email list called UUPoly, for people who were both poly and UU or interested in both.


Conversations on the UUPoly list led to the idea of forming a national organization of polyamorous Unitarian Universalists to promote awareness and acceptance of polyamory within the Unitarian Universalist denomination, and introduce polyamorous people to UU conbregations. UUPoly members agreed to place an ad in the UUA's magazine, the UUWorld, to increase our visibility.

After more than a decade, the UUPoly list has been revised and updated, and is now called UU Polyamory.
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In June, 2000, fourteen UUs from the UUPoly email list met together during the Unitarian Universalist Association's General Assembly in Nashville.  We agreed to move forward in the formation of a non-profit organization. We selected a name for the organization, approved a rough draft of by-laws, and selected an Organizing Committee.  

Over the next twelve months, the Organizing Committee continued to run the UU World ad first placed by UUPoly subscribers.  The Committee developed a Mission Statement, established themselves as a provisional Board of Trustees, and legally established UUPA as a non-profit corporation in Washington State.  

Up and Running

In June 2001, UUPA's first official membership meeting was held at General Assembly in Cleveland.  Sixteen of our Charter Members elected our Board of Trustees, ratified UUPA's incorporation and all other acts of the provisional board, and amended and adopted the draft by-laws.  These members and several guests brainstormed ideas and goals.   We also agreed to accept Charter Members through January 1, 2001, resulting in 87 Charter Members.

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