UUPA Chapters may be formed by three UUPA members who are also members of a UU congregation in the same general location. Several local UUPA  chapters have been established since UUPA's establishment, although most are inactive at this time. They are listed below.

UUPA members interested in starting a chapter or serving as a contact person are encouraged to apply. Please print and fill out the application form and return it to UUPA.

  • Contact Person: Fill out page 1
  • Chapter:     Fill out pages 1 & 2
  • For more information about starting a chapter in your area or serving as a contact person, contact Harlan White, Chapter Coordinator, or any Trustee


    (currently inactive)

    Poly ForUUm of Greater Seattle
    Seattle, Washington Metro Area
    Harlan White
    mnstrm at erosong dot net
    Louisville UUPA 
    Louisville, Kentucky Metro Area
    Jasmine Walston
    jasminegld at aol dot com
    San Francisco Bay Area
    San Francisco, California and region
    'Cesca Guido
    605 Dorchester Rd
    San Mateo CA 94402-1023
    fantine at sonic dot net
    Greater Washington Area UUPA
    Southern Maryland, Northern Virginia,
             & Washington DC
    Kathleen Reedy
    North Bethesda, MD
    icescience at yahoo dot com
    UUPA-New Mexico
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Mim Chapman, PhD
    685 Gonzales Road
    Santa Fe NM 87501
    phone: 505-989-1931
    cell: 505-231-1447
    mimco8 at gmail dot com
    New England UUPA
    Boston, Massachusetts area
    Valerie White
    valerie at valeriewhite dot org

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