UUPA Privacy Policy

UUPA's privacy policy is based on the requirements of our bylaws concerning membership rights and confidentiality provisions.  



In order to protect the privacy of UUPA members, any member may require the use a a pseudonym, and may require the use of an address listed in care of UUPA, on any UUPA record which is subject to inspection.  Such a requirement must be given to the Secretary in writing.


Membership rights

Every voting member has the right to inspect the voting roll and the record of all members' names, addresses, and voting rights.  These records may include pseudonyms, at the request of members who desire confidentiality.  Requests to inspect the voting roll or the membership record must:

  • be made in writing
  • be signed
  • state the purpose of such inspection, reasonably
  • related to the member's interests as a member
  • agree that no other purpose is to be served
  • be given to the UUPA Secretary.

Members have additional rights unrelated to privacy.

Limitation on membership rights

  • Members do not have the right to inspect names and addresses of members that request confidentiality according to UUPA rules, other than their pseudonym and address in care of UUPA, as listed in the membership record and voting roll.
  • Members do not have the right to inspect dues paid, requests for dues waivers, or donations.
  • Members do not have the right to inspect names and addresses of nonmember donors, subscribers, customers, or program registrants, except as such nonmembers may expressly allow.


Trustees have the right to inspect all names in our records, whether member or nonmember, all contact information, and all donations and dues.  Trustees may authorize one or more agents to handle and inspect any UUPA records. Except for such authorized agents and the membership rights described above, Trustees may not share names and addresses from UUPA records outside the Board, without the explicit permission of the person in question.

Policy update: 2/21/04

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